Why do I do what I do?

Why do I get up in front of my peers week after week to speak for six to eight minutes about things that I am sure do not interest anyone in the room?  Why do I allow myself to be stared at, gawked at and judged?  Why do I put myself in the spotlight which always seems to be HOT?

It’s because I’ve reached a stage in my life that I need to overcome this nervousness, the jumbled words that spring forth unbidden from my lips. As I break out of my twenties..ok thirties, I have set new goals to accomplish and one of them is to stand in front of a crown, open my mouth and hope& pray that the words that come out are intelligent let alone strung in an order that is coherent.

At Toastmaster, you are continually challenged but only if you want to be.  I think it is part of being human that we inherently want to improve and better ourselves it’s just that we don’t know how or where.   At our last Area Executive Training hosted by Garth Thomas Area Governor he emphasized that only you can grow but you can’t do it alone.  He continually drove home the point that Toastmasters International offers you the repeated opportunity to be the best.  Can you think of another way to improve your confidence, your presence and your oral speaking but in a group that supports each other by providing effective evaluations and mentorship in an atmosphere that is non-threatening and has a nice ‘vibe’.

Visiting Area Governor Kit-Juelle Frank-Amoroso clearly laid out the steps how you can reach the pinnacle in the Educational program,  Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). (Sounds nice, doesn’t it?)   She clearly outlined how you can obtain your Competent Communicator alongside your Competent Leadership, your Advanced Bronze Silver and Gold, your Advanced Leader Bronze and Silver to obtain the coveted Distinguished Toastmaster.  The learning and growing don’t stop there.  What does one do when one completes the race? You race again trying to get better and better in time.  This philosophy is the same for many Toastmasters, once you have grabbed the brass DTM ring, you start again.

You know that saying ‘No man is an island’, well the same is true at Toastmasters International, no Toastmaster is an island.  As Garth puts it, we are a continent;  a continent of people helping other people while we help ourselves.

The Training session left me with a renewed feeling of determination and drive.  I can no longer see the end and that’s good thing as I have put myself on a path of continuous improvement.


VP Public Relations

Talk Fluor So Toastmasters Club





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