Toastmasters helped make Wells Fargo CEO

Toastmasters helped make Wells Fargo CEO

Being able to speak well is not just helpful to your career, but an absolute deal breaker if you can’t do it.  In the January 2016 issue of Toastmasters magazine Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf describes how his boss noticed his trepidation at speaking in front of groups and said “You’ve got to fix this.”

John joined Toastmasters and it made such a difference that Wells Fargo is now one of the biggest corporate Toastmasters sponsors with 40 in-house clubs.

When asked about how Toastmasters impacts his employees he said something that will stay with me.  He said

I think careers are three-legged stools: First, work for a company that shares your values; second, work for a boss who cares about you; and third, invest in yourself.

He also noted that technology has made it more difficult for young people to learn to speak publicly and that’s a major benefit Toastmasters offers.

Would be great if more Trinidad and Tobago companies felt the same.

You can read the full article here.

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