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Master Toastmaster’s Meeting Responsibilities

This article covers all the main points the Master Toastmaster should cover in a TFS meeting.  Of course, you’ll do it in your own inimitable style.  🙂

Remember the Master Toastmaster’s job is to facilitate and shine the light on other speakers; it is not a speech giving role.  The focus of our club is to facilitate speech making for the tabletopics and prepared speakers.


The Presiding Officer (PO) introduces the MT.   (Click here to read what the PO does so you know what to expect, and know what to fill in if the PO forgets anything.)

You should have provided your introduction to the PO ahead of time and s/he will read this introduction.  The PO will remain firmly in front of the lectern, shake your hand and then leave you in command of the lectern.

Key points to cover in your opening Continue Reading