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Presiding Officer checklist and tips

As the Presiding Officer you set the tone of the entire meeting by starting on time, and establishing the bar for good speaking, humour, protocol etc.

Remember the following:

  1. Solid and audible impact of the gavel—The gavel signals the start and the import of our meeting.  Use it to give everyone a good jolt.
  2. Posture and eye contact—As the P.O. you represent the executive, conduct yourself accordingly.
  3. Proper Salutations—Forgetting salutations happens too often and when it does, it tends to cause other role players to also forget to give proper salutations.
  4. Safety speech—For the sake of our guests, we are obligated to tell them what to do in case of an emergency as well as where the bathrooms are.  Click here for an example of the safety speech.
  5. Call on guests to stand and in less than :30 introduce themselves, who invited them and why they came.
  6. Opening Remarks—A short 1 minute speech about anything you choose sets the stage for our guests about what to expect and gives you an opportunity to educate everyone about something club related or an issue close to you.  Feel free to make it funny.
  7. A proper introduction of the Toastmaster—A good introduction of the Toastmaster of the meeting is a great way to support the Master Toastmaster in hosting the meeting.  Make sure and get this from the Master Toastmaster before the meeting.
  8. Retake the lectern from the GE at the end of the meeting.
  9. Thank the GE for his/her meeting evaluation.
  10. Announce any club matters if you know of any.
  11. Ask if any club member has a club matter they would like to announce in :60 or less
  12. Announce and award the best TableTopic speaker
  13. Announce and award the best evaluator.
  14. Announce and award the best speaker.
  15. Remind members to: (a) have their competent leadership manuals filled out before they leave (b) use Turbobase to schedule meetings AND give proper introductions for themselves and their speeches.
  16. Time permitting asks guests (especially those who introduced themselves at the beginning) to stand and give their meeting impressions in :30 or less.  The number of guests you ask depends on how much time you have left; no need to ask all the guests.
  17. Thank guests and members from other clubs for coming.  Special mention to other club members who held roles.
  18. Close the meeting on time with an audible gavel strike.

Read these before the meeting, or even print this out as a reminder and you’ll be a great presiding officer.