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An Evaluations “How-to” (courtesy the SEC RoughRiders)

Talk Fluor So’s club meetings follow the format of the SEC Roughriders, one of the oldest (1956) and most advanced Toastmasters clubs in New York city.

Here is a 27 minute video of the Evaluations portion of a typical SEC Roughriders meeting.

Some things to note:

  1. The General Evaluator is introduced only once.  The Master Toastmaster introduces the roles of Timer, Grammarian and Ah Counter.  The benefit is a faster and smoother flow of the first half of the meeting and a bigger, more appropriate and timely introduction of the General Evaluator when s/he takes the lectern to preside over the last third of the meeting.
  2. The General Evaluator publicly evaluates all evaluators and the entire club benefits from hearing what works and doesn’t work as an evaluator.  In this way, club members progress MUCH faster as evaluators versus only learning from one’s own private evaluations as an evaluator (from which no-one else can hear).
  3. Evaluation speeches are given to the entire room (not just the evaluator) because they benefit everyone present, not just the speaker.  Speaking only to the speaker creates more anxiety in the speaker, and makes everyone else feel they are listening on or eavesdropping on someone else’s performance appraisal.
  4. Speakers are also not asked to stand while being evaluated as this needlessly exacerbates any speaker anxiety.

Roughriders meetings are held weekly and cost $15 to attend.  The next time you are in New York city I encourage you to attend one of their meetings.  It is the best value for money in New York city.

Watch and enjoy.

Jerry Wolf as master evaluator from Peter Anthony Gales on Vimeo.

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