Presiding Officer Meeting Responsibilities

This post describes the role of our meetings’ Presiding Officer (PO).

As a member of the club executive, the PO provides official club sanction to each meeting by opening and closing the meeting.  Note some clubs have only the Club President in this role, but we feel that limits the Club President as well as other Executives.

Opening the meeting

With the sound of the gavel striking the lectern the PO opens the meeting.  In the opening of the meeting the PO does the following:

  1. Officially starts the meeting by announcing the time and the strike of the gavel.
  2. Welcomes everyone to the 10th TFS Toastmaster’s meeting of the year (or whatever # it actually is).
  3. Says a few words about what the club is committed to e.g. about leadership and speaking.
  4. Gives a short safety speech about what to do in case of a fire alarm or other emergency; where the washrooms are etc.
  5. Welcomes the guests and asks each guest to take :30 to stand say their name, who invited them, and what they hope to get out of the meeting.
  6. (Optional) Give a short one minute educational speech about anything they think is helpful, informative or entertaining.  Ideally this speech will have something to do with the theme of the meeting.
  7. Introduce the Master Toastmaster by reading the introduction provided by the MT.

Closing the meeting

The PO also closes the meeting by taking over from the General Evaluator.  At the end of the meeting the PO does the following:

  1. Makes any club announcements, and asks if anyone has any club announcements/business matters
  2. Announces the winners of best TT speaker, best evaluator and best prepared speaker (in that order).
  3. Asks guests to stand and give any feedback to the meeting.
  4. Closes the meeting by strike of the gavel.



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