Google Drive

Google Drive (formerly called Google Docs) is an online replacement to Microsoft Office.  It is popular because it makes your documents available wherever you are and it allows real-time collaboration.  No more chasing documents in your email or downloads folder and wondering if it’s the latest version.

When we use Google Drive all documents we share with each other live in only one place and we all look at and edit the same document.  The document we look at is always the very latest version and we have a complete revision history; meaning if anyone makes a change we can revert those changes to an earlier version.  We also can see who made which changes.

We keep our club documents using Google Drive e.g. member progress reports.

You can learn more about Google Drive by clicking here.

And you can get started with Google Drive by clicking here.

You don’t need a Gmail account to access google drive, but we’ve found that it helps.

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