TableTopics Master

The Tabletopics Master leads the unprepared speech portion of our meeting.  He or she introduces the session by explaining that Tabletopics is how we prepare for unprepared speeches.  The Tabletopics master will ask a question related to the meeting theme and then call someone’s name (it might be you).

The person called is to stand and give the proper salutations followed by his or her answer to the question.  Minimum speaking time is a minute and maximum speaking time is two minutes.

This is often the most entertaining part of our meeting and everyone is very supportive.

If you’re the TableTopics Master for the first time here’s a checklist.

We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday at the Chancellor Hotel, 5 St. Anns Road, St. Anns, Port-of-Spain. Our meetings start promptly at 5:29 and go till 7 to 7:15. Gated parking provided.