Master Toastmaster

The Master Toastmaster (MT) or Toastmaster of the meeting hosts the meeting.  S/he is the Master of Ceremonies and is responsible for filling all meeting roles and the clockwork execution of the meeting according to the agenda.

At Talk Fluor So the Toastmaster of the meeting is NOT a speech giving role but a facilitator of others giving their speeches; primarily during TableTopics and the Prepared Speeches.

The MT makes sure the meeting starts and ends on time, and that all guests understand what is happening in the meeting and feel that they can participate and contribute if they would like to.

The MT at TalkFluorSo is responsible for organizing the meeting and as such has pre-meeting responsibilities including filling roles, ensuring the General Evaluator is in contact with their Evaluators, that the speakers are prepared etc.

It is a major role that helps prepare speakers for any public speaking role where they must introduce other speakers and manage the overall flow of a meeting.

You can click on the Master Toastmaster category for more information and perspective on this role.

Click here for the Master Toastmaster’s checklist; great preparation if you’re new to the role or haven’t held it in a while.

You can click here for Toastmasters International information on the role of MT.

We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday at the Chancellor Hotel, 5 St. Anns Road, St. Anns, Port-of-Spain. Our meetings start promptly at 5:29 and go till 7 to 7:15. Gated parking provided.