You’ve heard people do it, you probably do it yourself; say “ah,” “eh,” “you know,” “em,” and words like these that serve no function and effect take away from effective speaking.

Like most things in life we all need someone to observe what we say and do.

The role of the Ah counter in meetings is to take note of the number of times members use these “crutch” words as we call them.

At the end of the meetings the General Evaluator will call upon the Ah Counter to stand and give a one to two-minute accounting of how many times and by whom crutch words were used in the meeting.

Toastmasters International description of the Ah Counter

Preparation & Eligibility

You can read the official description of the Ah Counter to learn more about what you’ll need to do, but essentially all you’ll need is pen, paper and a good ear.

Click here for the Ah-Counter checklist.

We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday at the Chancellor Hotel, 5 St. Anns Road, St. Anns, Port-of-Spain. Our meetings start promptly at 5:29 and go till 7 to 7:15. Gated parking provided.