International Speech and Tabletopics Contest – Feb 21st

International Speech and Tabletopics Contest – Feb 21st

Great news!  You have something to look forward to when carnival 2015 is all over.
What: International Speech and TableTopics Club Contests of Talk Fluor So and Dynamics Speakers.  2 contests/2 Clubs/1 event!
Where: NALIS P.O.S.
Date: Feb 21st, 2015
Time: 3:59 pm (This is the correct time. Ignore other times you may have heard)
Who can participate in the contests: TFS and DS members only.
Who can attend, learn and have fun: Good looking people.  Need not be Toastmasters but only potential Toastmasters.
There will be two separate club contests held on this date. Each club will have members participating in the international Speech Contest and the TableTopics Contest.
Reason: More efficient for us to execute, and more fun, entertainment, and inspiration for you.

Dynamic Speakers carded for both contests (Speech and Tabletopics):

  1. Dianne Charles
  2. Colvin Blaize
This means for example that both Dianne and Colvin will give a prepared speech as well as participate in the Tabletopics contest.

TFS speakers carded for both contests:

  1. Anthony Jones
  2. Brent Barry
  3. Brian Stone
  4. Elizabeth Walcott
  5. Kendell Garcia
Not too late for any TFS and DS club members to throw hats into the ring, especially for the Tabletopics contest which requires no preparation apart from a good night’s sleep and a willingness to dance on your feet.
Hope to see you there.
Be happy and well.

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