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The history of Trinidad & Tobago Toastmasters

The following is largely taken from an article with an unknown author.

Dynamic Speakers Toastmasters Club (Port of Spain)

In 1984 Mr. Philip Rochford, the then Managing Director of the National Commercial Bank considered using the Toastmasters program to enhance the natural speaking ability of Trinidadians. Simultaneously, and quite independently, two members of his staff – Mr. Nazeer Sultan and Mr. Courtney Garcia approached him with a proposal to introduce Toastmasters to the Bank. As a result, the first Toastmasters Club in Trinidad, the National Commercial Bank Toastmasters Club was formed.

This club was strictly for senior managers. It was felt that other employees should also benefit from the program and in 1985 a second club, the NCB Sports Toastmasters Club was established and Mr. Courtney Garcia was elected as its first President. In 1987 Mr. Richard Demming was invited to deliver a speech for the sports club and in their drive to open new clubs he became the First President of yet another club, The Port of Spain Toastmasters Club which is now defunct.

The National Commercial Bank Toastmasters Club became defunct when NCB merged as part of First Citizens Bank. The second Club, the NCB Sports Toastmasters Club was now opened to non employees of the bank and the name was officially changed to Dynamic Speakers Toastmasters Club on July 16, 1994. In the meantime, the Port of Spain Toastmasters Club was struggling to retain its membership based and closed in that year with members joining Dynamic Speakers, under the leadership of its first President, Jennylyn Sammy.

Winners Toastmasters Club (San Fernando)

Winners was chartered in February 2005 with its first President being Dorwin Manzano. The club comprised a number of members from Dynamic Speakers Toastmasters Club who lived in the Southern part of the island.

Talk Tsu Toastmasters Club (Port of Spain)

Talk Tsu was chartered in May 2005 as a Corporate Club at Fujitsu Transactions Solutions (Trinidad) Ltd. with its first President being John Lewis.

The club became a Community Club in 2006 because the majority of its members were from outside of the organization.

Talk Fluor So Toastmasters Club (Port of Spain)

Talk Fluor So was a corporate Club at Fluor Daniels South America Ltd., Invaders Bay. It was chartered in January 2008 with Sheldon Hicks as its first President.

Nepuyo Toastmasters Club (Arima)

Chartered July 2008.


The Trinidad and Tobago Area Council of Toastmasters was formed on July 1, 2005 with DTM Nadia Chuckaree as the first Area Council Governor. It comprised of Dynamic Speakers, Winners and Talk Tsu Clubs. In 2008, the Council was granted full Area status when Talk Fluor Toastmasters club was chartered.

Area Governors

July 2005 – June 2006 July 2006 – June 2007 July 2007 – June 2008 July 2008 – June 2009 July 2009 – June 2010 July 2010 – June 2011 July 2011 – June 2012

July 2012- June 2013 July 2013- June 2014 July 2014- June 2015 July 2015- Present

Nadia Chuckaree Robert De Silva Patricia Belmar (dec’d) Camille Carasquero Dorwin Manzano Michael Noel

Shirley Ann Noel

Florence De Silva (Area 12) Garth Thomas (Area 13)

Christine Forde (Area 29) Jhoewuel Kangalee (Area 30)

Gina Joseph (Area 33) Godfrey Ransome (Area 34)

Peter Anthony Gales (Area 36) Helena Frank (Area 37)

Trinidad and Tobago has 10 Toastmasters clubs and 2 Areas: 36 and 37. Recently formed clubs are:

October 2012

April 2013 July 2013

February 2015 March 2015

District 81

MDA Toastmasters

Tobago Speakers Luminary Leaders

Inspired Speakers Toastmasters Club CIPS Power Achievers Toastmasters Club

On February 15, 2003, in Kingston Jamaica, 22 Clubs in the Caribbean formed the Caribbean Territorial Council of Toastmasters with the aim of increasing the number of clubs to 60 as soon as possible to gain recognition by Toastmasters International as a district.

On July 1, 2006, the Council was granted Provisional District status and on July 1, 2008, it became a full district – District 81.

  2. Nadia Chuckaree (Talk Tsu – 1st Recipient)
  3. Sonia Alexis (Talk Tsu)
  4. Dorwin Manzano (Winners)
  5. Camille Carasquero (Talk Tsu)
  6.  Florence De Silva (Luminary Leaders)
  7. Robert De Silva (Luminary Leaders)

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