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Presiding Officer Safety Orientation Speech


Members of the executive, specially invited guests and fellow toastmasters

Good evening and welcome to Talk Fluor So, my name is [xxxxx] and I am the presiding officer for today. We have an excellent meeting in store for you but understand that it is important to us that you return to your home in as good as or better condition than when you came so here are a few items of safety as it pertains to these offices.

In the event of a fire, the alarm will sound. It sounds like a bell and rings continuously; we have no planned drills for this evening so if you do hear the alarm, please treat it as a real event. The muster point is just outside of the east conference room door. You shall assemble there and await further instructions from the fire warden. The emergency exit is just obliquely opposite the conference door so if required you may exit via the eastern staircase in an orderly fashion. Please do not run and hold on to the hand rail as you descend the stair case until you get to the ground floor where you can access the external muster point on the lower concourse area in the parking lot.

In the event of an earthquake, duck-cover-hold, the conference room table would be best to do so. Once the tremor has subsided please assemble at the muster point where we await further instructions from the security on whether evacuation is necessary and which emergency exit to utilize.

Thank you, any questions?

Presiding Officer checklist and tips

As the Presiding Officer you set the tone of the entire meeting by starting on time, and establishing the bar for good speaking, humour, protocol etc. Remember the following: Solid and audible impact of the gavel—The gavel signals the start and the import of our meeting.  Use it to give everyone a good jolt. Posture… Continue Reading

Presiding Officer Meeting Responsibilities

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