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Ah Counter checklist

Your job as the Ah Counter is to report on the number of times crutch words—used as pause filers—were used during the meeting.  It is a good idea to keep track of the names of the “offenders” but do not announce them unless you get permission beforehand to do so.


  1. When the MT introduces you as the Ah Counter at the start of the meeting, stand and give the proper salutation “Master Toastmaster (or Toastmaster of the meeting), Members of the Executive, Very Welcome Guests and Fellow Toastmasters, my job as the Ah Counter is to to listen for all of the crutch words used as pause fillers during the meeting.  Examples of pause fillers are “Ah, uumm and right” that many of us say to cover over moments of silence that we may be using to think of what we will say next.   These pause fillers often distract from our message and makes the listener less likely to take what we are saying seriously.  We point them out at these meetings because it makes us aware of when we use them and it helps us practice to become comfortable with the occasional empty space in our speeches.”
  2. Ask if anyone would prefer that their name not be called during the Ah-Counter’s report.
  3. When the GE calls you during the evaluation portion of the meeting stand and only address the GE (you already gave salutations to everyone else) and report on what you noticed.
  4. When finished end by saying “Mr (or Madame) General Evaluator” and sit down.
  5. At the end of the meeting take your Competent Leader manual to the GE to be filled out.


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