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How to prepare a meeting agenda

If you’re a Master Toastmaster for an upcoming meeting you’ll need to prepare the agenda for the meeting.  Here’s how:

What you’ll need to prepare the agenda:

  1. A template or sample agenda.  This is available below for you to download. It is a standard Word document using an embedded table. DO NOT USE LAST MEETING AGENDA (mistakes get propaged that way).
  2. Choose a meeting theme.  Don’t obsess; just pick something related to something going on in the world or dear to you.
  3. Choose a word of the day.  It should relate in some way to the theme of the meeting.
  4. Get the speech titles, project numbers and speech lengths from each speaker.  This info is available on Turbobase.

Preparing the agenda

  1. Download the sample agenda by clicking here. 
  2. Change the Quote of the day.  It appears in two or three places on the agenda as reminders also.
  3. Change the word of the day
  4. Change all role player names, speakers, Presiding Officer, Supporting roles etc.
  5. Adjust the times to reflect the speech lengths.  Budget 12-16 minutes for TableTopics depending on the length of the scheduled prepared speeches.   If TT speakers speak closer to one minute minimum you may be able to get 10 or 12 speakers.
  6. Allow no more than FOUR prepared speeches.  The only exceptions might be if you have one or two speakers with advanced speeches of longer than 10 minutes each in which case you might only have room for three or even only two speeches.  You can have five speeches if all speeches are exceptionally short.  Remember we would like to end on time also at 7:05.
  7. Add one minute to the max time of each prepared speech to allow audience members to make comments for the speaker.  If a speech is 5-7 minutes, then the next speech will begin 8 minutes after that speech has begun.  Allow same for transition to Evaluators as this allows a fudge factor to keep us on time.
  8. The GE has 7-10 minutes to do his/her overall evaluations.

Please make sure to read the checklist for your role as Master Toastmaster here.

Agenda for Jan 7, 2016

Meeting Agenda Thursday 07th January 2016, 5:29 – 7:01 PM Theme of Meeting: A Revival of Learning Word of the Day: Propagate Definition: To spread and promote (an idea, theory, etc.) widely. Usage: Wise persons propagated the idea that good health leads to great wealth. AGENDA 5:29 (:03) Call to order Welcome Eli Zakour President… Continue Reading

Agenda Nov 6th 2014

Here’s the agenda for this Thursday.  Friends and family welcome. Meeting Agenda Thursday 06th November 2014 5:29 – 7:05 PM   Theme of Meeting: Dress for the Occasion   Word of the Day:     Felicitous – adjective \fi-lis-i-tuh s\   Definition:                  1. Well-suited for the occasion, as an action, manner or expression, as a person.                        … Continue Reading

Agenda for Oct 16, 2014

Meeting Agenda Thursday 16th October 2014 5:29 – 6:51 PM   Theme of Meeting: Breaking the Ice   Word of the Day:Initiate –[v. ih-nish-ee-eyt; adj., n. ih-nish-ee-it, -eyt] Definition:          Verb:                         1. to begin, set going or originate. Adjective:             2. admitted into an organization or group, secret knowledge, etc. Noun:                         3. a beginner novice.   Usage:“The Toastmaster will initiate a discussion.”    … Continue Reading

Agenda for Aug 21, 2014

Theme of Meeting: Three Weeks to Live   Word of the Day: valediction(va-lə-ˈdik-shən) (noun)   Definition – an expression used to say farewell, especially a word or phrase used to end a letter or message, or the act of saying parting words whether brief or extensive   Usage -I bid you all a fond valediction, but I… Continue Reading

Agenda Jan 24th, 2013

Theme of Meeting: Disappointment Word of the day: effusive, ef-fu-sive (adjective) expressing feelings of gratitude, pleasure, or approval in an unrestrained or heartfelt manner Usage: “ an effusive welcome”   AGENDA     5:29(:05) Call to order Welcome, Topic of Thought: Brent Barry Presiding Officer       5:34(:03) Introduction to the Meeting Peter Anthony… Continue Reading

Meeting Agenda Thursday 10th Jan 2013, 5:29 – 6:55 PM

Theme of Meeting: The Art of Selling Word of the day: ephemeral, e-phem-er-al (adjective) lasting for a very short time Usage: “ fashions are ephemeral” AGENDA  5:29(:05) Call to orderWelcome, Topic of Thought: Peter Anthony GalesPresiding Officer     5:34(:03) Introduction to the Meeting Peter Anthony GalesMaster Toastmaster   Vilma Goodman – General Evaluator Stacey… Continue Reading

Meeting Agenda Thursday October 25th, 2012

Theme of Meeting: We Can Make a Difference Word of the day: Salubrious, sa-lu-bri-ous (adjective) favourable to or promoting health or well-being <salubrious habits> Usage: “ fresh air and exercise are always salubrious”   AGENDA     5:29(:05) Call to order Welcome, Topic of Thought: Vilma Goodman President       5:34(:03) Introduction to the… Continue Reading

Meeting Agenda for Aug 8th, 2012

Theme of Meeting: OLYMPIC FEVER Word of the day: Repêchage (noun): In rowing and other sports where runners-up in the eliminating heats compete for a place in the final Usage: “Njisane Phillips had to win the repêchage to get a spot in the final of the match sprint.”   AGENDA 5:29 (:05) Call to orderWelcome,… Continue Reading