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How to prepare a meeting agenda

If you’re a Master Toastmaster for an upcoming meeting you’ll need to prepare the agenda for the meeting.  Here’s how: What you’ll need to prepare the agenda: A template or sample agenda.  This is available below for you to download. It is a standard Word document using an embedded table. DO NOT USE LAST MEETING… Continue Reading

Toastmasters helped make Wells Fargo CEO

Toastmasters helped make Wells Fargo CEO

Being able to speak well is not just helpful to your career, but an absolute deal breaker if you can’t do it.  In the January 2016 issue of Toastmasters magazine Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf describes how his boss noticed his trepidation at speaking in front of groups and said “You’ve got to fix this.”… Continue Reading

Agenda for Jan 7, 2016

Meeting Agenda Thursday 07th January 2016, 5:29 – 7:01 PM Theme of Meeting: A Revival of Learning Word of the Day: Propagate Definition: To spread and promote (an idea, theory, etc.) widely. Usage: Wise persons propagated the idea that good health leads to great wealth. AGENDA 5:29 (:03) Call to order Welcome Eli Zakour President… Continue Reading

The history of Trinidad & Tobago Toastmasters

The following is largely taken from an article with an unknown author. Dynamic Speakers Toastmasters Club (Port of Spain) In 1984 Mr. Philip Rochford, the then Managing Director of the National Commercial Bank considered using the Toastmasters program to enhance the natural speaking ability of Trinidadians. Simultaneously, and quite independently, two members of his staff… Continue Reading

Presiding Officer Meeting Responsibilities

This post describes the role of our meetings’ Presiding Officer (PO). As a member of the club executive, the PO provides official club sanction to each meeting by opening and closing the meeting.  Note some clubs have only the Club President in this role, but we feel that limits the Club President as well as… Continue Reading

General Evaluator Meeting Responsibilites

The General Evaluator (GE) presides over almost a third of the meeting. The GE’s job is to evaluate the entire meeting including the individual evaluators of each prepared speaker.  How deeply a GE goes into any particular aspect of the meeting depends on the GE and what occurs in the meeting. The GE responsibilities are:… Continue Reading