Agenda Nov 6th 2014

Here’s the agenda for this Thursday.  Friends and family welcome.

Meeting Agenda Thursday 06th November 2014 5:29 – 7:05 PM


Theme of Meeting: Dress for the Occasion


Word of the Day:     Felicitous – adjective \fi-lis-i-tuh s\


Definition:                  1. Well-suited for the occasion, as an action, manner or expression, as a person.

  1.                         Having a special ability for suitable manner or expression, as a person


Usage:                          “The chairman’s felicitous anecdote set everyone at ease.”




Call to order


Topic of Thought –

Elizabeth Walcott


5:34(:03) Introduction to the Meeting Nicole Rochard

Master Toastmaster


Shastel Paramsook – Timer

Elizabeth Walcott – Grammarian

Kanae Tada – Ah Counter

Meeting Theme

Introduction of Evaluation Team:


5:44 (:10) TABLE TOPICS (1-2 min each):

*Word of the Day Reminder

Kendell L. Garcia

Table Topics Master

5:55(:04) Timer’s Report & Best Table Topic Speaker Vote  

*Word of the Day Reminder


Advanced Communicator Bronze Manual Project #1

(5-7 mins)

Garth Thomas
     (:01 )    
6:07(:14) Advanced Communication Series Project #2 (10-14 mins) Vilma Goodman
  “Satisfaction for Two”  
     (:01 )    
6:22(:10 ) ”Moments of Truth” (10 mins)                                             Christine Mohammed
     (:01 )    
6:33(:02) Timer’s Report & Best Speaker’s vote  
Evaluation Segment Peter Anthony Gales

General Evaluator

6:35(:03) For Garth Thomas (speaker 1) Diane Charles
6:38(:03) For Vilma Goodman (speaker 2) TBD
6:41(:03) For Christine Mohammed (speaker 3) TBD
6:44(:02) Timer’s Report & Best Evaluator Vote  
6:46 (:05) General evaluation of overall meeting Peter Anthony Gales
6:51(:02) Grammarian Report (2mins) Elizabeth Walcott
6:53(:02) Ah Counter’s Report (2mins) Kanae Tada
6:55(:02) Timer’s Report (2mins) Shastel Paramsook
6:57(:03) Business Matters Elizabeth Walcott
7:00 (:03) Awards
7:03 (:02) Guest feedback
7:05 Closing of the meeting
Supporting Roles
Sergeant at Arms  


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We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday at the Chancellor Hotel, 5 St. Anns Road, St. Anns, Port-of-Spain. Our meetings start promptly at 5:29 and go till 7 to 7:15. Gated parking provided.