Agenda for Aug 21, 2014

Theme of Meeting: Three Weeks to Live


Word of the Day: valediction(va-lə-ˈdik-shən) (noun)


Definition – an expression used to say farewell, especially a word or phrase used to end a letter or message, or the act of saying parting words whether brief or extensive


Usage -I bid you all a fond valediction, but I must move on.


 5:29(:05) Call to orderWelcome

Topic of Thought: Salutations

Elizabeth WalcottPresident
5:34(:03) Introduction to the Meeting Nicoya LawrenceMaster Toastmaster


Peter Anthony Gales – General Evaluator

Nicole Rochard – Timer

Eli Zakour – Grammarian

Charmaine McMillan – Ah Counter

Meeting Theme
5:37(:07) Introduction of Evaluation Team: 
5:44(:15) TABLE TOPICS(1-2 min each):*Word of the Day Reminder Elizabeth WalcottTable Topics Master
5:59(:04) Timer’s Report & Best Table Topic Speaker Vote  
  PREPARED SPEECH*Word of the Day Reminder
6:03(:07) Competent Communication (CC) Project # 1The Ice Breaker Kanae Tada(5 – 7mins)
6:10(:02) Timer’s Report & Best Speaker’s vote  
Evaluation Segment  General EvaluatorPeter Anthony Gales
6:12(:03) For Kanae Tada  (speaker 1) Kendell Garcia
6:18(:02) Timer’s Report & Best Evaluator Vote  
6:20 (:05) General Evaluation of Overall meeting Peter Anthony Gales
6:25(:02) Grammarian’s Report (2mins) Eli Zakour
6:27(:02) ‘Ah’ Counter’s Report (2mins) Charmaine McMillan
6:29(:02) Timer’s Report (2mins) Nicole Rochard
6:31(:03) Business Matters Elizabeth Walcott
(:03) Address by Area Governor Gina Joseph
(:03) Awards Elizabeth Walcott
(:02) Guest feedback
6:42 Closing of the meeting
Supporting Roles
Sergeant at Arms  

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We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday at the Chancellor Hotel, 5 St. Anns Road, St. Anns, Port-of-Spain. Our meetings start promptly at 5:29 and go till 7 to 7:15. Gated parking provided.